CPF Conservative Values 27th Sept

25 members - teenagers to octogenarian's - attended last night's Conservative Policy Forum discussion, including many new faces


A lively debate, but a general desire to be assertive about what we are, and strong in our defence of these values


Among the ideas discussed were: personal freedom, equality of opportunity, removal of barriers of discrimination, inter-generational harmony, free trade, business enterprise, education as the route to social mobility, safety and security, nnovation as a creative opportunity, but probably most important of all the role of individual responsibility over state intervention (nanny state)


Lastly, we evaluated the various messages of Conservatism - One Nation - Compassionate - Modern - Blue Collar and ranked them against the above


The output of the meeting will be forwarded to the CPF unit as evidence for the Policy Unit's development of Party messages to the electorate and in developing future manifesto commitments


​If you're interested - please come to future sessions - whatever your views on the Party - help shape The Conservative Party and it's policies​