Local and Greater Manchester Elections now confirmed for 6th May


We need you !  There are many ways that you can help in these pandemic times – we are in desperate need of volunteers.  We value your membership very much but we can’t retake Trafford without your support in more practical ways as well.

Your help will help us all ...

We need you to get involved ! We are building up a database of volunteers to help us to win back Trafford and stop the wholesale decimation of the Borough, which as some of you may know, is nearly bankrupt due to poor decision making by the Labour controlling party.   And there are plans to sell off the family silver as well to cover their reckless spending.  

As is always the case, it is left up to the Conservatives to put things right financially, and the quicker we can get into power, the better for all of us


Like to be part of the action ?

At present, due to the Covid regulations, the Conservatives are not leafleting the electorate (unlike the LibDems) but we can carry out Connect Calling, and hopefully restrictions may be lifted nearer the election date of 6th May.  

We also need to provide opposition to Andy Burnham, who has let the people of Greater Manchester down in his handling of the Police with over 80,000 crimes going unreported.

To join our Volunteer group please CLICK HERE 

Networking pays off ...

We’d be very grateful for any support from you, but it would be great if you could also to pass this on to like minded family and friends.     Our office in Broadheath is open and you can ring there, or phone one of our team to make contact.

Altrincham & Sale needs YOU

With best wishes and thanks and we look forward to seeing you all soon,


The Winning Team -  Altrincham & Sale Conservative Association

The Thatcher Suite, Atlantic Business Centre, Atlantic Street, Altrincham WA14 5NQ

Email - office@altsale.org

Telephone 0161 904 8828