Conservative Policy Forum

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The CPF gives Members of the Party the opportunity to take part in policy discussions and get their voice heard.

What does the CPF do?


The CPF is a national Party Group that gives Members of the Party the opportunity to take part in policy discussions.


The CPF is a fantastic way for Members to have their voices heard on some of the most important policy challenges facing our country. The CPF is therefore a vital link between ordinary Members of the Party and Government.


What is the aim of the CPF?


The CPF has a vital role at the heart of the Conservative Party. With a direct line to the Prime Minister's Policy Unit and Government Ministers, a programme of regular national policy discussions, monthly members' surveys, video conferences with leading members of the Party and roundtable discussions at 10 Downing Street, its members have a real say in the direction our Party is taking.


CPF Members have played an important role in recent years, providing a number of ideas that have gone on to become Party and Government policy. There is a genuine recognition at the top of the Party that the views of members need to be sought and heard.


And that’s where CPF Members come in.


We want you to think through the challenges that Britain will face in the years to come:

  • What will the state of Britain be in five years?
  • How will the Government’s current structural modernisation programme change Britain – and what new challenges will emerge as a result?
  • What are the likely economic, social, security and environmental pressures, which we will face in five years?


The background of the CPF


The CPF’s history can be traced back to the Conservative Political Centre of the early post-war years. This made a significant contribution to the development of election-winning policies. Building on this heritage, our aim is to create a truly national Forum, accessible to all regardless of age or location that has real influence on Party policy.


Some of the areas we must now look into include:

  • an ageing population, health and social care;
  • the causes of poverty and homelessness;
  • disability and inclusion;
  • youth issues;
  • changes in technology and innovation;
  • opportunities of the digital age;
  • our skills and training base;
  • geographical differences in our nation;
  • sustaining our democracy and our values;
  • increasing pressures on natural resources and on the environment;
  • challenges from emerging economies;
  • new security challenges – both national and international; and
  • looking at the role of a Global Britain.


The CPF Programme


The Forum aims to publish five national discussion briefs each year, in January, March, May, September and November. Papers are published at the start of the month and the deadline for submitting responses is at the end of the following month. Thus, the CPF will give local Groups at least eight weeks to complete the cycle of meeting and submitting a report back to the CPF Manager.


Since re-launching after the last general election, the Forum has collected policy suggestions from about 250 different groups, representing around 300 constituencies and over 3,000 members and supporters – all of which were summarised and sent to the Prime Minister's Policy Advisers and to Conservative members of Cabinet. These, in turn, all received a formal ministerial response and have resulted in on-going policy development behind the scenes.


Through this work we very successfully fulfilled our remit of helping the Conservative Party to identify the problems we will face during the next Parliament and, crucially, to address how we can secure a better future for Britain and for hardworking taxpayers.


How can you get involved?


By joining our local CPF group you will be able to contribute to these discussions. CPF nationally is also encouraging CPF groups to take their discussions out to local communities who are directly affected by the policies we are going to be discussing. The CPF also plan a programme for new Members to meet with MPs and Ministers to discuss Party Policy.


How does our local CPF Group work?


  • Our CPF Group contributes to the campaigning strength of the Association.
  • Our CPF Group is open to our Association’s members, supporters and potential supporters.
  • Our CPF Group meets throughout the year to discuss the topic set in the national discussion papers.
  • Our CPF Group, in addition to national discussion papers, occasionally decides to debate other important local issues.
  • Our CPF Group meetings are usually held in a room within the local Conservative Club and the meeting generally last 1.5 to 2 hours.
  • Our Group reaches out to the rest of the community to discuss the ideas.
  • Our Group reports back to the centre.
  • A compendium of the views on the set papers on future challenges will go to the Prime Minister’s Policy Unit and to the relevant Conservative Minister.
  • A Ministerial reply will subsequently be prepared and circulated to CPF Groups, usually within a month of this.



For further details email The Chairman of the Altrincham & Sale West group.